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Ananta Terraces

Ananta Terraces,
the Finer Details

When you move in to your exclusive residence at Ananta Terraces, you're give immediate access to a world of first-class, resort-style amenities, a beautiful club house, and 45 bighas of lush green landscape.

Mature native trees. Unique residences made from gleaming white façade glass. Exteriors and interiors brimming with green life. A glass pavilion that offers respite during wet weather, encouraging nature, butterflies, and other creatures to gather and flourish.

Ananta Terraces is more than a residential project. It's a soothing environment that feels like a luxury resort; the promise of a beautiful life dipped in sustainable luxury.
Ananta Terraces
Ananta Terraces

Beautiful Breathtaking Architecture by World-Renowned Architectural Firm,

If you stand at the entrance to Ananta Terraces and raise your thoughts to the sky, you’ll be struck by the project’s enigmatic beauty. Pass through the gates, browse through the exclusive mall, and breathe.

A great sense of openness maximizes the tie between indoor and outdoor living. Contemporary landscaped gardens echo the modern, organic architecture and the sound of trickling water invites instant calm.

The architecture is simple, but successful in the finer details, creating homes that feel like terraces. No two homes are alike. Large random ledges, 400mm thick, make each residence identifiable from the ground up, offering natural protection from weather extremes and guaranteeing individuality
Ananta Terraces

Beautiful Green Landscapes by Coopers Hill

The beautiful green landscapes at Ananta Terraces are designed by the experts at Coopers Hill. There’s a deliberate philosophy to embrace the modern architecture and contemporary interiors, echoing and complementing the aesthetic geometry and controlled randomness via the lush, organic vegetation.

Ananta Terraces

7 Beautiful Features,
Manicured to Perfection

The beautiful green landscapes at Ananta Terraces are designed by the experts at Coopers Hill. There’s a deliberate philosophy to embrace the project’s modern architecture and contemporary interiors, by echoing and complementing its aesthetic geometry and controlled randomness in the lush, organic vegetation that surrounds.Ananta Terraces is a place where water, vegetation,and manmade structures coexist in harmony.

Feature Palm
Manicured Hedge
Sunken Seating in
the Water Feature
Floating Aquatic
Raised Feature
Splash Fountain
Dry Pools
A Wide Range of Carefully Selected Plants
Ananta Terraces
Masterplan Ananta Terraces
The interconnected pathways at Ananta Terraces encourage a life of organic luxury that flows from one beautiful green experience to the next.
  • Guardhouse & Pedestrian Entry Road
  • Retail Building
  • Tower Arrival / Drop-Off
  • Central Garden Entry
  • Central Garden
  • Central Water Feature with Floating Pavilion
  • Clubhouse
  • Ramp to Basement
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Kid's Playground
  • Jogging Path
  • Fitness Station
Lighting That Goes One Step Further
Illuminating Ananta Terraces is a masterfully engineered lighting plan, designed and orchestrated by Brandston Partnership Inc. (BPI).

Community life is enhanced thanks to a welcoming, luxurious ambiance across the development, powered by an efficient, energy-saving system that generates mood and reflects time of day.

As the day progresses, the Ananta Terraces lighting plan softly evolves from sun-drenched corridors filled with warm energy, to elegant illuminations that sparkle beneath the night sky.

Mood lighting is an important feature at Ananta Terraces. The lighting plan has been carefully put together by BPI, so that the system intuitively takes residents through each and every stage of the day and night. In this way, what we experience from sunset to 10pm is different to what we experience from 10pm to sunrise, and so forth.
Ananta Terraces
Ananta TerracesAnanta Terraces